Most women I know are Priestesses or Healers. . .We are, all of us, Sisters of a Mysterious Order.
— Marianne Williamson

Dear Woman,

The time has come for each woman to awaken to the pure grace of her being.  We live in powerful and deeply significant times.  Each one of us has a gift to offer.  This offering is for our soul, our lineage, all of humanity and our planet.  It is time for us as women to learn to truly love ourselves, to truly love one another as women and to truly love our Earth.

What is your offering for our great Mother?

We are seeking women who desire a deeper connection to self, their community and the Earth to join us this summer in the heart chakra of Gaia.  We are seeking women who are leaders or rising to the occasion who wish to deepen their connection to ritual and sacred space.  We are seeking women who in loving sisterhood wish to come together to consciously work with our Earth's ley lines at the holy sites of Britain, activating Gaia's grid with great intention, reclaiming the ancient line of Priestess.  

What is your prayer for Gaia at this time?


Dive deep into the Divine Feminine with a daily council of intentional offerings:


Kundalini Yoga


Sound Medicine


Womb healing

Ancestral Healing


Visionary Art & Sacred Crafts

Activate Earth Medicine in the Leo Eclipse Portal at holy sites:

Glastonbury ToR

Chalice Well Gardens

The White Spring

glastonbury abbey

gog & magog

stanton drew stone circle

magdalene shrine

Avebury's Standing Stones


Merlin's Cave

St. Nectan's Glen

Wilds of Dartmoor

uffington white horse


Can you hear the call?

This life changing pilgrimage is carefully crafted with your greatest transformation in heart.  We will begin on the Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of August 7th, 2017.  Our 16 day journey will span significant energetic portals including the Lion’s Gate on August 8th and culminate with the Leo New Moon Total Solar Eclipse on August 21st.  This is a rare time on planet Earth and we will intentionally use this energy for our soul growth in service to humanity.

Our anchor is the Healing Waters Sanctuary, which sits upon Wearyall Hill.  Wearyall Hill in ancient mythos is known to be the site where the priestesses of Avalon dwelled.  From this base we will have the honor of exploring other sacred sites in Glastonbury including the Tor, the Chalice Well Gardens, the Abbey, the Magdalen Chapel, Gog and Magog.  We will journey to other holy places including Avebury’s Sanctuary, Silbury Hill and Processional Way, Cornwall’s Tintagel Castle, Merlin's Cave and St. Nectan's Glen, as well as Stanton Drew, Dartmoor and Stonehenge.

Your space in our circle awaits you.  We welcome each person who identifies as a woman and who is ready to deepen their connection with the Divine Feminine.  We invite you to fall in love with Gaia, to truly build a lasting bond with our Great Mother.  This art of Sacred Activism is yours to take home and share with your communities, sanctifying a bridge through time and space.

Sisters, reclaim your place in the Tribe of Gaia.

A Tribe of Women will transform the Earth.  

We are the Medicine.

Glastonbury is a gateway to the Unseen. It has been a holy place and pilgrim-way from time immemorial, and to this day it sends its ancient call into the heart of the race it guards, and still we answer to the inner voice.
— Dion Fortune

Journey with us through the mists, into the realm of magic. . .

Our pilgrimage to this ancient holy site will allow our bodies to connect with the elements of this sacred land.  We will truly connect with the air, the fire, the water, the earth and ether.  As our nervous systems settle deep into the land and interweave with one another we will open a space to ground into the Earth and her sacred meridians, known as ley lines.  

Our bodies are a mirror for Her body, and during our time together as we settle deep in our bones, our waters, our blood, we have an opportunity to feel into Gaia’s bones, waters and blood, and transmute this awareness for planetary healing.  Our daily rhythm will mirror the breath of life, in and out, giving you plenty of time to rest and process amidst the deep transformations you will experience along the journey.

In ceremony and sisterhood we will enter the heart chakra of Earth with the prayer of truly communing with Gaia.  The Daoists revere the heart as the organ of the body that one may travel through time and space into other dimensions.  As we intentionally enter Gaia’s portal, our potential is infinite.

Glastonbury is a sacred and timeless sanctuary that has been known across millennia by countless names.  Some call her Avalon, mystical realm of the ancient ones.  Many a being have whispered across the vast marshlands that once surrounded this majestic place, calling her ‘Ynys Afallon’ the Island of Apples, and ‘Ynys Witrin’ the Isle of Glass, while some view her as the crown of Arthurian Legends.



We begin on the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.  You will be welcomed and orientated at Healing Waters Sanctuary.  After settling in, resting and grounding with food, we will open up with our first council.  We will utilize the power of the lunar energies as we begin our initiation together with ceremony at the White Spring of purification.  From there we will ceremonially climb the Tor as a group to anchor our intentions for our journey together as a Tribe of Gaia.



As we acclimate to the magic of Somerset, we draw roots into the astrological landscape of Glastonbury by creating sacred space upon Wearyall Hill.  This holy site was said to have been the ground upon which Joseph of Arimathea and Mary Magdalene landed when they first arrived to the ‘holiest Erthe in England’.  Once, long ago, when Avalon was an island shrouded in mist and magic amidst the Bristol Channel, this sacred hill was the resting site of pilgrims and priestesses alike.  We will use this day to get to know one another in a deeper way and learn the unique wisdom each woman brings to our circle.

During the evening we will celebrate this powerful day of prosperity, known as the Lion’s Gate with a private ceremony at the Chalice Well Gardens. This is the iron rich red spring which compliments the White Spring.



As a mirror to the labyrinth of life, we begin our spiral outwards from the Island of Apples to other holy sites on our pilgrimage.  On day three we make our first journey to the powerful village of Avebury.  We will explore The Sanctuary, West Kennet Avenue, Silbury Hill and with luck a crop circle or two, often appearing during the summer months.  During this exploration our intention will be to tap into creativity as our birthright, as we journal, draw and paint.



The sanctuary of the Chalice Well Gardens will provide us rejuvenation while go deep into the study of the magic, folklore and history of this sacred land.  We will learn about the Glastonbury Zodiac etched into the landscape, explore the science and magic of Earth’s Ley Lines, healing waters, and the significance of the Holy Sites that we will be visiting.  This day of incubation allows us to learn more about the power of Earth Medicine and how we can be stewards of Gaia by accessing these power places.  We will also use this time to craft a sacred tool that will be a magical ally throughout the rest of our journey as we receive offerings that Gaia gifts us on our journey.



Diving deeper into our innate unique ability to connect with Earth, we visit Burrow Mump.  This hill is directly aligned to and South west of Glastonbury’s Tor, and will inspire a continuation of our study into the St. Michael and St. Mary Ley Lines that unite the sacred landscape of Britain.  From there we travel to Avebury’s Divine Masculine counterpoint, Stanton Drew Stone Circle.  Our intention will be to tune into this land and work with the polarities of the landscape, uniting Divine Feminine with Divine Masculine.



 We will tour the ruins of the Glastonbury Abbey and learn the history and myths of this alleged site of King Arthur and Guinevere’s burial.  From this place we will have an opportunity to meditate upon the grounds, delving beyond the mists, into the hidden power of the Abbey.



Dartmoor is one of the last truly wild expanses in Britain.  We have the great honor of connecting with the elementals amidst the magical Dartmoor Forests.  We will activate the Earth Grid at one of the many untouched and almost forgotten stone circles dotting this incredible landscape.  The power, majesty and mysteries these ancient moors holds is palpable.  



With half of our pilgrimage complete, we will use this day to rejuvenate and replenish our bodies, minds and spirits by offering a day of rest.  We highly recommend booking ahead to receive a therapeutic treatment through Healing Waters team of gifted practitioners.



We visit the famous ‘Gog and Magog’ trees which rest upon the base of the Tor to tune into the wisdom that these ancient trees wish to impart.  We will continue our journey into artistic expression and the power of dreams as a vehicle for our intuition.  As we continue our own inner transformation we will craft a dream pillow upon the Tor that will be yours to keep, weaving the magic of the Glastonbury landscape into the fibers of your new medicine tool.  In the evening we will continue to work with dreamtime magic at the Sacred spring at Healing Waters Sanctuary–one of 9 holy springs in Glastonbury.



As we travel to Cornwall we will have the opportunity to see the wild beauty of this west coastal area that is reminiscent of the Mediterranean.  We will pilgrim into the times of King Arthur and Tintagle, the ruins of a castle known to be Arthur's birthplace.  We will journey into Merlin's cave and as we meditate in these spaces we will tune into the land and what She wishes to convey to us.

The Labyrinth of Tintagel carved into stone over 6,000 years ago will be our resting spot for lunch.  As you trace its shape with your fingers you have the ability to sync with the countless pilgrims who have done the same over time.  Our day will culminate at St. Nectan’s Glen.  This sacred waterfall will gift us with the ability to receive the purification of the ages that legends speak of.



Visiting Bride’s Mound in Glastonbury, we tune into the goddess Brigit to whom this holy hill was dedicated and continue to explore our connection to the Divine Feminine and the Goddess.



An early morning private ceremony within the standing stone circle of Stonehenge culminates our Earth Work by utilizing all of the skills and tools that we have amassed throughout our pilrgrimage.  We will cleanse this energetic vortex, using sound and crystal-grid technology to anchor our ascended selves into this portal.  Stonehenge is a doorway for time and space to collapse and become one.  We are honored as stewards of this land to share, align and gift Gaia with the Divine Feminine frequency at this sacred site.

Traveling north we complete this energy by visiting the ancient Uffington White Horse etched into the landscape. Dedicated in antiquity to Goddess Rhiannon we will channel her frequency and learn about how we can continue to activate the Earth Grid as we journey through life.



Reviewing our place in the cosmos by understanding the procession of the equinox, we will spend the day on the holy Tor entraining with her rhythm and pulse in preparation for the initiatory labyrinth walk.  We will also weave additional rest in on this day as the energies build up to the Solar Eclipse. 



We venture back to Avebury, this time deeply in tune with the land.  As we walk the Avebury Procession, we will call in the ones who've come before us with sacred intention.  This is a powerful day of meditation and alignment for the Total Solar Eclipse.



Our incredible pilgrimage of rebirth and alchemical transformation culminates in the walking of the world’s largest 7 circuit, unicursal labyrinth, the Tor labyrinth.  This New Moon Total Solar Eclipse portal ensures that we are literally merging Heaven and Earthabove and below as we walk. Having spent many days learning from the Tor and her majestic presence, we will anchor lifetimes worth of wisdom into our ascended bodies by walking this sacred path.

This is the ultimate initiation and it will stretch the boundaries of what you know to be your Truth and reality. You will not leave the same and you will be forever blessed as you continue your labyrinthine journey through life.    


Day Sixteen

Our final day together completes this once-in-a-lifetime journey with a closing ceremony in the White Spring to seal the circle.

What constitutes the magic of Avalon if it is not symbolised by the flooded land of still water, the magic mirror, with the tall finger of the Tor rising above it as the magician’s wand of power, and in the middle the little island where the Apples of Wisdom grew?
— Christine Hartley