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Falling in Love with Gaia

Divine Feminine pilgrimages, retreats and a collective to fall in love with our Earth.  

"Most women I know are Priestesses or Healers. . .We are, all of us, Sisters of a Mysterious Order." --Marianne Williamson



Divine Feminine pilgrimages, retreats and a collective to fall in love with our Earth

🌹 the call of the goddess 🌹

Ra Ma

In preparation for the pilgrimage I am guiding this August in Glastonbury I’ve been reading some amazing books including If Women Rose Rooted, Pussy and The Alphabet Versus the Goddess.  The reading list I created for the retreat attendees is conjuring up memories of my college education.

I went to a school with no grades, no tests and no majors.  We were free to explore and craft our own focus.  I merged the fields of Interdisciplinary Art, the Goddess and Media Criticism.  I wrote papers about Rebirthing the Goddess, Modern Art and the Vision Machine, and First Woman.  My inspiration included Marija Gimbutas, Riane Eisler, Judy Chicago, Layne Redmond, Ana Mendieta, Frida Khalo, Starhawk, Gloria Steinhem, Ina May Gaskin and Yoko Ono.

Inspired by this past, I was leafing through a old college papers.  In 2001 I wrote,

An activation of Earth alchemy is occurring, and through art, women are diving into this sacred knowledge, awakening the sleeping unconscious, restoring and remembering.  Remembering through dream, trance, meditation and experience.  

The spirit of solidarity unites women around the world in gatherings.  As a rallying cry and emblem of hope, we are healing, empowering and rebirthing a new paradigm as the dark night of patriarchal holocausts, genocide and ecological disaster dissolve.

We are dreaming, creating and recreating our future through a web.  Through venerating an ancient female force still worshipped in various cultures today, one transforms consciousness of modern woman with a sense of ‘herstory’.”

Over 15 years later it is such an exciting time to be alive.  What was fringe then, is now becoming widely accepted.  When I look through social media it is now socially accepted, even cool to be a witch and a lover of the Goddess.  I am grateful for this reclamation of the Divine Feminine.  Only 60 years ago it was illegal for a woman to open a bank account or serve on a jury.  However, the truth is, we still have a ways to go.  Yogi Bhajan and the Dalai Lama have both taught the Western woman will save our Earth. 

It is time that as Western women we learn to pay attention to our bodies, our feelings and our intuition.  It is time we reclaim our bodies as ours, and that we appropriately honor and name our organs and their cycles.  It is time for us to wake up to our inherent divinity and sovereignty.  Once we know this love, then we can fall in love with Gaia.

15 years ago as a college graduation gift I was blessed with the ability to travel to Glastonbury on a Goddess Chant retreat.  I attended the Glastonbury Goddess conference.  A year later I was welcomed back to create an art installation at the conference.  Since then, I have journeyed to this sacred isle again and again.

 To guide a collective of women to Glastonbury, Stonehenge, Avebury, Stanton Drew, Cornwall and so many other sacred sites is a dream and a calling.  It is an immense honor.  If you hear the Call to reclaim your place in the Tribe of Gaia, email me to set up a call to answer any questions you may have.

The Gates are Open

Ra Ma

The gates are open.  This weekend welcomes such powerful energy that it is like an eclipse without the eclipse.  We have arrived at the midpoint between two eclipses.  In February we experienced the Leo Lunar Eclipse and the Pisces Solar Eclipse.  And this August we welcome the Aquarius Lunar Eclipse and the Leo Total Solar Eclipse.  

As a collective consciousness and as individuals our perspective is shifting greatly.  Last year, I often wrote about the power of the Red Fire Monkey year and how 2016 was a year of victory,  a time to fully step into our dharma.  Many of us took great strides in that direction.  However we have also been holding space for the closure and lessons learned in the last 18 months. . .think back to October 2015.  It’s been a wild ride.  We are creating boundaries to that which we will no longer stand for, and saying yes to that which feeds our souls.

The time is now!  We must embody our greatest and highest truths.  We are awakening to our soul’s purpose.  Our Earth and all of her inhabitants need each one of us to integrate this awakening.  

Yesterday Venus came out of her shadow retrograde period.  Today Mercury is out of his retrograde shadow period and the Sun enters Gemini.  We welcome the archetypes of Coyote, of Shapeshifter and of the Magician.  The gates are now fully open to ripe energy and living our Truth.  

This summer in August we welcome the great American Eclipse.  For the first time in 26 years, an eclipse will be viewable in the United States.  With the shadow of the eclipse passing over the United States this is a significant time to work these energies.  

Some astrologers have noted that this eclipse will affect the White House and Buckingham Palace.  The shadow is actually shining a light on that which we need to see.  This eclipse is in a Saros series that circles around every eighteen and a half years.  When we scan back through time we see interesting political events.  In 1999 Princess Diana’s was killed and Bill Clinton was impeached.  In 1981 there was an attempted assassination of Reagan, in 1963 JFK was assassinated, and in 1945 atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

So why would you want to miss that opportunity to view the eclipse and journey with the Falling in love with Gaia pilgrimage in Glastonbury?  I was riffing on this with my dear friend and astrology mentor DK earlier this week.  We discussed how beautiful it was that we would be in an area where we could work with the eclipse energy instead of having it work on us.  To work with the land during this time we will have special access to the energies of the eclipse portal.  And we will be on major ley lines and places of power that connect in with the Pentagon, the Great Pyramids and Teotihuacan.  

This pilgrimage has been crafted by Spirit.  It is clear that many energies are working to make sure this pilgrimage happens in the most beautiful and sacred of ways.  There is a stirring within the collective of women at this time and this August's eclipse portal will not repeat itself for hundreds of years. The work we will be doing with the land will be significant and healing to all Women and to the healing of our Earth Mother.  

Our journey will begin on the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius.  This is a cosmic time to gather as a tribe, a community in service of humanity and the Earth.  We will begin with a cleansing and purification ceremony at the White Spring.  In this ceremony we will evoke the numinous extraordinary magic of the divine.  We will anchor our intentions for our pilgrimage, both individually and as a collective.  We will also root into the land that will hold us during our time together, making offerings, giving gratitude and seeking to live in right relation with the land as we full moon gaze.  Over the course of the next two weeks we will have many an opportunity to heal, cleanse, align, activate and calibrate.  

On the Total Solar Eclipse, the Second New Moon in Leo of 2017 we will be immensely charged and aligned to cast our most potent and crystal clear intentions that we have ever made in our lives.  This will be our declaration to ourselves, to our collective and to our Earth how we wish to show up in our lives and be women of creative and courageous leadership.  

Are you ready to join us?  Email to schedule your complimentary call to discuss more.

8 Ways to Nourish Yourself with a Retreat

Ra Ma

Retreats are a profound way to invoke radical self care.  Being on retreat allows one to pause from the daily rhythms of life and check in.  We can ask ourselves questions like, How am I really doing?  What is working in my life?  What needs to shift?  

Here are 8 ways a retreat will nourish you:


Retreats allow you to pull back and get real perspective.  This is actually strategic for living a life with purpose.  As you shift from your habitual ways of doing things you have time to reflect on what is truly important to you.  As we are always growing it’s important to create space for reflection.


Retreats create spaciousness in life.  This spaciousness allows for a new wave of creativity to come through.  As you learn new skills, new concepts and even perhaps establish a new routine or self care practice you have fresh energy.

Self Knowledge

As we go through our routines in life, it’s important we set aside space to know who we are.  On a retreat you have permission to drop all the roles, all the identities and just be you.  You have space to just do you.


Retreats allow for people to create lifelong connections.  You find your tribe as you grow closer to others.  And being with people who have similar interests will inspire you to continue to grow your own.  

Elemental Health

A time to listen to the birds singing, to the wind blowing, to feel the sun's rays and your heart beat are essential for happiness.  A time to really pause and honor your body is a gift.

Electronic Detox

Detox from your habitual nature of checking email, posting on social media, answering texts and step away from the constant stream of electronics.   

Immune Boost

Retreats also carve out a time where you can shift your diet or sleep schedule.  Many people return from retreats well rested and inspired to create a healthier lifestyle at home.

Sacred Container

Although adventurous solo travel is fun and exciting, there is something so sweet about having a safe container to travel within.  With this container, the details are worked out and you are provided for.  This creates more space to enjoy all of the aspects of your vacation.   

The Heart of Earth

Ra Ma

Glastonbury is a gateway to the Unseen.
It has been a holy place and pilgrim-way from time immemorial,
and to this day it sends its ancient call into the heart of the race it guards,
and still we answer to the inner voice.
— --Dion Fortune, Avalon of the Heart

Glastonbury is the Heart Chakra of World.   Once, Glastonbury stood tall and completely encircled in marshes.  From the heights rose the sacred Tor.  Other places of power include the Chalice Well, the White Spring, Wearyall Hill, the ancient trees Gog and Magog and The Abbey.  

All of these power points are contained within the astrological landscape zodiac, as above so below.  The sacred spiral of life like that is contained within an ammonite shell are all a part of this rich earth we know as Glastonbury.

 This timeless sanctuary draws pilgrims of all kinds from the corners of our Earth.  She is known as Avalon, ‘Ynys Afallon’ the Island of Apple and ‘Ynys Witrin’ the Isle of Glass.  

Avalon offers you

  • Heart magic and healing

  • A portal into Gaia’s heart chakra

  • A calibration of your chakra system with our Earth’s chakra system

  • Cosmic connection beyond time and space, beyond the zodiac landscape

  • An understanding of how to work with the cycles of time, the spiral of life

  • Transformation and Rebirth

  • Ancestral healing of Woman

 The rich layers of this experience are multisensory.  To journey with us this August is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  With the Eclipse portal and the alchemy of 2017 it is time to activate your destiny and clear generational blocks.  

Email to set up a q&a call if you have further questions.

Who is this Pilgrimage for?

Ra Ma

Who is this pilgrimage for?

Falling in Love with Gaia is for women who are seeking a deeper connection to Self, to their ancestral lineage and to our Earth.  These women are leaders or rising leaders who will calibrate and integrate the depth of our work together and bring it home to activate in their local communities. 

This pilgrimage is for those who identity as women and have a heart connection to the sacred sites of Britain and wish to explore this relationship.  This pilgrimage is for women who have felt the call of the Priestess in her bones and blood.  

These women may be seeking to deepen their wise woman skills:

  • How to connect to their clarity of mind and deepen their intuition

  • How to weave sacred space

  • How to maintain a safe container during ritual and ceremony

  • How to connect with their ancestral lineage

  • How to create deep and lasting community

  • How to understand the Earth’s grid and how to work with her ley lines and holy places

  • How to safely integrate transformation

Why are these places special?

The ancient wisdom of Britain has retained close to it’s original meaning and mystery.  It is known by some mystics as a sacred landing place for Ascended Masters.  The mythology of the Druids, Priestesses and faerie realms are woven into the landscape.  Glastonbury is known in many legends as the land of Avalon and deeply associated with the King Arthur legends.

There are powerful energy lines, known as ley lines, specifically the Michael and Mary lines that connect some of the sacred sites we will visit with places of power on our Earth including the Great Pyramids and Washington DC.  The standing stones and healing waters amplify the power of the energy in this land.  Pilgrims travel all over the world to immerse themselves in the healing waters of Glastonbury.


Why is this a once in a lifetime opportunity?  

This Divine Feminine Pilgrimage to the Heart of Earth is truly a once in a lifetime experience.  The year of 2017 is a Radiant body year, a year of mastery.  Tantric Numerology refers to the 10th body, the Radiant Body as Mastery over Mystery.  This year is all about new beginnings, rewriting the script that no longer serves our identity and stepping fully into a new way of living.  2017 offers major cosmic upgrades as we have alchemical astrological alignment between water and fire elements.

We will be on ancient power points of our Earth during a potent Eclipse portal of 2017.  The trip begins on the Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.  The next day is the Lion’s Gate and we culminate on the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse on August 21.  Eclipses bring in powerful times of rebirth.  We have the ability to rewrite our story.  And through this mastery we can uplift our entire lineage and therefore the planet and her collective consciousness.

From 'The Well' by Cathal O Searcaigh

Ra Ma

 Chalice Well art by Angie Latham

Chalice Well art by Angie Latham

'That'll put the jizz back in you,'
said old Brid, her eyes glinting,
as she handed me a bowl of real water
from the purest well in Gleann an Atha.
A well kept sweet and neat
by her people's people, the precious
legacy of her household, 
tucked away in a nook, 
a ditch around it for protection, 
a flagstone on its mouth.

But for a long time now there is a snake
of pipe that leaks in from distant hills
and in every kitchen, both sides
of the glen, water spits from a tap;
bitter water without spark
that leaves a bad taste in the mouth
and among my people
the real well is being forgotten.

'It's hard to find a well these days,'
said old Brid, filling up my bowl again.
'They're hiding in rushes and juking in grass,
all choked up and clatty with scum
but for all the neglect they get
their mettle is still true
Look for your own well, pet, 
For there's a hard time coming.
They will have to be a going back to sources.'

From 'The Well' by Cathal O Searcaigh

Gaia's Call

Ra Ma

As a woman, your very nature is Nature.  Have you ever considered this?  We are Nature.  We are Gaia.  

Have you made good friends with the Earth?  Have you thanked her for your abundance?  Have you shared your gifts, your harvest, your prosperity with Her?

The Divine Feminine is rising.  As the Kontomble channeled through Liv Wheeler of Ancestor Bridge recently said, the Great Goddess is rising--will you give her a hand or will you step upon Her?  

And so I ask you, What is your prayer for Gaia at this time?  

Can you hear her Call?  

She is speaking to each one of us through her magnetic pulses, her elements, her mountains, her sky, her bodies of water, her blood, her minerals, her vegetation, her rustles of the wind, her arteries, her meridians.  She is asking us to awaken, to become fully conscious to living here amongst her.  

As woman it is our obligation to evolve for our Self, for our lineage and for our Earth.

As we continue this path of conscious evolution many of us are feeling the pressure of profound transformation.  Like a diamond in the rough, humanity is in a time of great transition.  We must go through pressure as a part of our process of our conscious evolution.  These times can often feel uncertain, unsteady and unpredictable.  

When I feel these emotions, what grounds me is my connection to the Earth and my connection to my breath.  Literally walking outside my door barefoot and standing upon her and breathing grounds any chaos and transmutes any fear.

One of my greatest wishes for you is that you will begin to understand the incredible power of your connection to Earth.  It is our birthright.

Gaia is not only our Mother and our vehicle through the cosmos, she’s a living, breathing being with a pulse that recalibrates each day.  The information and energy that travels along her meridians literally defines the consciousness of the planet.  

Although these special lines of energy are only visible to higher states of awareness, they are felt by every being on our planet.  And when you enter a space that resides upon a healthy meridian, you can literally feel the power.

On our Divine Feminine Pilgrimage to the Heart of Earth we will directly access and work with the Michael and Mary Leys--ley lines that embody the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies.  

As we meditate at powerful sites like the Glastonbury Tor, the Chalice Well Gardens, Stonehenge, Avebury’s Standing Stones and Stanton Drew Stone Circle, we will access these meridians.  Our ability to tap into the grid of Gaia and through our root connection to Source, we have the ability to work with the entire collective consciousness as Sacred Earth Activism.

Beltane Blessings

Ra Ma

Beltane Blessings

The Wellhead of the Chalice Well is dressed in her Spring finery on this day where we celebrate the rebirth and fertility of the land.

Today in Asheville we are blessed with sweet gentle rains that nurture our water table so that the harvest we reap in the months to come is bountiful.

We are only 4 months away from this Divine Feminine Pilgrimage to the Heart of Earth. If you are feeling the call there is space for you to join us in our circle. We welcome women who are seeking a deeper connection to Self, to their ancestral lineages and the Earth. Our deep work together is not just for us to keep, it is for us to bring back to our communities and share. The healing waters will purify us and from this space we will anchor our intentions to activate our Earth and her ley lines.

Sweet Beltane dreams for a fruitful harvest to come. May you live a life that is blessed, beautiful, bountiful and blissed. 

 Jen Fountain

Jen Fountain