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Falling in Love with Gaia

Divine Feminine pilgrimages, retreats and a collective to fall in love with our Earth.  

"Most women I know are Priestesses or Healers. . .We are, all of us, Sisters of a Mysterious Order." --Marianne Williamson


Divine Feminine pilgrimages, retreats and a collective to fall in love with our Earth

8 Ways to Nourish Yourself with a Retreat

Ra Ma

Retreats are a profound way to invoke radical self care.  Being on retreat allows one to pause from the daily rhythms of life and check in.  We can ask ourselves questions like, How am I really doing?  What is working in my life?  What needs to shift?  

Here are 8 ways a retreat will nourish you:


Retreats allow you to pull back and get real perspective.  This is actually strategic for living a life with purpose.  As you shift from your habitual ways of doing things you have time to reflect on what is truly important to you.  As we are always growing it’s important to create space for reflection.


Retreats create spaciousness in life.  This spaciousness allows for a new wave of creativity to come through.  As you learn new skills, new concepts and even perhaps establish a new routine or self care practice you have fresh energy.

Self Knowledge

As we go through our routines in life, it’s important we set aside space to know who we are.  On a retreat you have permission to drop all the roles, all the identities and just be you.  You have space to just do you.


Retreats allow for people to create lifelong connections.  You find your tribe as you grow closer to others.  And being with people who have similar interests will inspire you to continue to grow your own.  

Elemental Health

A time to listen to the birds singing, to the wind blowing, to feel the sun's rays and your heart beat are essential for happiness.  A time to really pause and honor your body is a gift.

Electronic Detox

Detox from your habitual nature of checking email, posting on social media, answering texts and step away from the constant stream of electronics.   

Immune Boost

Retreats also carve out a time where you can shift your diet or sleep schedule.  Many people return from retreats well rested and inspired to create a healthier lifestyle at home.

Sacred Container

Although adventurous solo travel is fun and exciting, there is something so sweet about having a safe container to travel within.  With this container, the details are worked out and you are provided for.  This creates more space to enjoy all of the aspects of your vacation.