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Falling in Love with Gaia

Divine Feminine pilgrimages, retreats and a collective to fall in love with our Earth.  

"Most women I know are Priestesses or Healers. . .We are, all of us, Sisters of a Mysterious Order." --Marianne Williamson


Divine Feminine pilgrimages, retreats and a collective to fall in love with our Earth

🌹 the call of the goddess 🌹

Ra Ma

In preparation for the pilgrimage I am guiding this August in Glastonbury I’ve been reading some amazing books including If Women Rose Rooted, Pussy and The Alphabet Versus the Goddess.  The reading list I created for the retreat attendees is conjuring up memories of my college education.

I went to a school with no grades, no tests and no majors.  We were free to explore and craft our own focus.  I merged the fields of Interdisciplinary Art, the Goddess and Media Criticism.  I wrote papers about Rebirthing the Goddess, Modern Art and the Vision Machine, and First Woman.  My inspiration included Marija Gimbutas, Riane Eisler, Judy Chicago, Layne Redmond, Ana Mendieta, Frida Khalo, Starhawk, Gloria Steinhem, Ina May Gaskin and Yoko Ono.

Inspired by this past, I was leafing through a old college papers.  In 2001 I wrote,

An activation of Earth alchemy is occurring, and through art, women are diving into this sacred knowledge, awakening the sleeping unconscious, restoring and remembering.  Remembering through dream, trance, meditation and experience.  

The spirit of solidarity unites women around the world in gatherings.  As a rallying cry and emblem of hope, we are healing, empowering and rebirthing a new paradigm as the dark night of patriarchal holocausts, genocide and ecological disaster dissolve.

We are dreaming, creating and recreating our future through a web.  Through venerating an ancient female force still worshipped in various cultures today, one transforms consciousness of modern woman with a sense of ‘herstory’.”

Over 15 years later it is such an exciting time to be alive.  What was fringe then, is now becoming widely accepted.  When I look through social media it is now socially accepted, even cool to be a witch and a lover of the Goddess.  I am grateful for this reclamation of the Divine Feminine.  Only 60 years ago it was illegal for a woman to open a bank account or serve on a jury.  However, the truth is, we still have a ways to go.  Yogi Bhajan and the Dalai Lama have both taught the Western woman will save our Earth. 

It is time that as Western women we learn to pay attention to our bodies, our feelings and our intuition.  It is time we reclaim our bodies as ours, and that we appropriately honor and name our organs and their cycles.  It is time for us to wake up to our inherent divinity and sovereignty.  Once we know this love, then we can fall in love with Gaia.

15 years ago as a college graduation gift I was blessed with the ability to travel to Glastonbury on a Goddess Chant retreat.  I attended the Glastonbury Goddess conference.  A year later I was welcomed back to create an art installation at the conference.  Since then, I have journeyed to this sacred isle again and again.

 To guide a collective of women to Glastonbury, Stonehenge, Avebury, Stanton Drew, Cornwall and so many other sacred sites is a dream and a calling.  It is an immense honor.  If you hear the Call to reclaim your place in the Tribe of Gaia, email me to set up a call to answer any questions you may have.