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Falling in Love with Gaia

Divine Feminine pilgrimages, retreats and a collective to fall in love with our Earth.  

"Most women I know are Priestesses or Healers. . .We are, all of us, Sisters of a Mysterious Order." --Marianne Williamson


The Grail and the Goddess

The Grail and the Goddess


Venus Temple Transmissions in Southern France



walk Her footsteps in

Provence and Languedoc-Rousillon

2nd-15th August 2018


our energetic guides and anchors to the land include the ancient cave dwellers of old europe, the black madonna & mary magdalene. 


we will honor the elements with earth medicine activations of dragon lines as we immerse within the subtle realms of the venus temple.  our ceremonial work will be with the holy waters as a call for the deep womb healing that is available to us on our pilgrimage.


Ancestral Heart Healing

Through sacred space and the Holy lands we walk, we will honor our ancestors through offerings, feeding their spirits, so they may in turn feed ours.

Earth Medicine Activation

Daily ceremony will deepen our connection to the elements, the 5 tattvas, the mineral, tree, plant and Nature spirits, activating our Mother Earth’s ley lines.

Communion and Council

As we walk this sacred Land, we will connect with one another in ways that will create bonds of sisterhood to last beyond our pilgrimage, healing the women to come.

Pilgrimage Highlights

  • An opening water ceremony in Saintes Marie de la Mer, a gypsy village that whispers of Mary Magdalene's arrival from the Mediterranean Sea after sailing away from the Holy Land

  • Nature walking in the Camargue, a place well known for wild white horses and a large variety of winged ones including flamingos from Africa

  • Unpacking the mysticism of the Cathars, the Magdalene Codes and the Venus Temple that the Southern France landscape forms

  • Meditating and collectively weaving Earth Medicine at sacred sites rich with esoteric connections to Mary Magdalene including the Gorge de Galamus, Grotte Sainte Baume and the Magdalene Cave

  • Awakening to the sacred waters within as we honor the sacred waters of the regions of Provence and Languedoc Roussillon, namely Rennes les Bains

  • Tuning into Inner Earth through Pic de Bugarach also known as ‘The Magic Mountain’, a place rumored to be active with UFO sightings

  • Connecting with our prehistoric ancestors of Old Europe in the Niaux Cave

  • Meeting Nature Spirits as we walk a labyrinth in the Nebias forest


  • Touring the mystical towns of Alet les Bains and Rennes les Château

  • Exploring a number of Southern France’s markets including Mirepoix, Limoux and Carcassonne

  • A grand culmination in the Calanques with a closing water ceremony to give thanks for all we have received from this Element in our pilgrimage

  • Healing the bonds of Woman and deep ancestral healing that weave true sisterhood to nourish your lifetime

Council Offerings

Each day we will engage in council, circling together with focused intention and devotion.  The following offerings will be layered within our pilgrimage. 


A daily yoga, meditation, mantra and breath practice that will deepen connection to the Ten Bodies and the 11 Moon Centers of a Woman while offering clarity, inner wisdom and truth to anchor our work in the Land.


Drumming, gong, singing bowl, mantra and song will deeply heal and assist in our integration.


We will tap into the power of story as medicine and the legends of the Land, uniting myth with contemporary consciousness.


A safe container will be lovingly held for you throughout our 13 day pilgrimage.  We will explore the art of sacred space.


We will honor connection to the elements, commune with nature spirits and activate our Earth’s ley lines with our meridians.


Exploring the sacred connection between Mother Earth and our own source of divine creation will offer lasting healing.


As we soak in the colors, scents and culture of Southern France, we will be given many opportunities to channel our creativity through painting, drawing, writing, photography and other modalities.


Ultimately this pilgrimage is an offering to remember and honor our ancestors, and to consciously create sacred space upon the holy lands we visit.  As we honor our ancestors and feed their spirits, they may in turn feed ours.

Continue reading here to discover our full itinerary or visit this link to apply now and answer the Call.