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Falling in Love with Gaia

Divine Feminine pilgrimages, retreats and a collective to fall in love with our Earth.  

"Most women I know are Priestesses or Healers. . .We are, all of us, Sisters of a Mysterious Order." --Marianne Williamson


walk Her footsteps

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Journey with Us

our footsteps begin in the camargue  

This is a wild region of marshlands where black bulls and wild white horses roam free.  Pink flamingos from Africa migrate here creating a mythical landscape, offering a symbol of the divine feminine and innocence.  We will open our circle with a water ceremony in Saintes Maries de la Mer.

This maritime village is named after “the Marys”.  This is the place that myth tells of where Mary Magdalene first landed from her journey from the Holy Land on the Mediterranean Sea.  Legend whispers she arrived in a boat with other members of the Grail family.  This town shares deep roots with gypsy culture where one may enjoy Flamenco and Paella.  

While in Saintes Maries de la Mer we will rest deeply at our hotel and spa just footsteps from the Mediterranean Sea.  We will visit a sacred crypt and explore the gypsy village.  There will be many windows of opportunity to calibrate to the land as we meet the wildlife and learn the landscape of the Camargue on horseback.

After a few days rest we will travel by minibus on Sunday to the Languedoc Roussillon region with at least one stop along the way to visit the sacred Cathar city of Minerve.  Minerve is said to have an energetic feel similar to Camelot.  Minerve has a history where nearly 200 Cathar leaders were burned by the Catholic Church, called heretics as they stood in their power and Truth.  

occitania offers diversity of land

This region of Southern France, also known as the Languedoc Rousillon, ranges from stunning mountain peaks, hot springs, to gorgeous valleys and rivers.  On Sunday evening we will settle into our home for the next week, The Domain of Castillou, which lies on an estate close to 300 acres that is dedicated to the organic farming of olive trees and healing plants that are distilled into essential oils.  Scroll down to learn more about our stay at Castillou.

Monday morning we will visit Mirepoix to fully immerse our senses within a traditional French market.  In the afternoon we will stroll along the Gorge de Galamus, a walk that looks down 200-300 feet cliffs into the rugged limestone rock streams.  The small Hermitage De Galamus is dedicated to St. Anthony, which teeters precariously on the edge of the rocky ledge, high above the winding, fast moving waters.  There is a chapel in the rocks where it is believed that Mary Magdalene taught.  This cave is thought by contemporaries and ancients alike to be a portal into the Otherworld.  Over time it has been inhabited by a small number of spiritual hermits and pilgrims who have been passing through for centuries, to portal through the ‘Holy Mountain’.

we will energetically explore the sacred geometrical alignments of this landscape  

On Tuesday we will travel to Rennes Le Château where we will visit the Tour Magdala and the church, both of which are dedicated to Mary Magdalene.  Legend shares that an ancient Temple of Isis is buried deep in the Earth below Rennes Le Château.  The hilltop village of Rennes Le Château is one of the five points of the Venus Temple pentagram in the landscape.  The other four points are visible from here, including the Templar Castle and the Fortress of Bezu.  From this vantage point we can see how the ley lines, the dragon lines, twist and turn from point to point. 

In the afternoon we will visit the Magdalene Cave, directly across from Rennes Le Chateau and slightly above the River of Colors.  Many mysteries are associated with this special area, as mythos relay that Mary Magdalene lived, taught and offered healings in this cave.  We will explore the ancient grounds with the intention to attune to the Divine Feminine energies of this cave, listening through our hearts.

hot and cold springs bubble up from the river sals at rennes-les-bains

Wednesday will be spent in ceremony in magical places of healing waters, starting with a walk through the forest to visit the Source du Cercle, the home of thermal Roman Springs, and the mysterious rock called the “Seat of Isis,” in what may have been a Druid grove in Celtic times.  The mysterious Seat and Well of Isis offer a special opportunity of Divine Feminine initiation, allowing us to remember our sacred contract with the Otherworld.   

At the Seat of Isis each person will have time for quiet reflection and a personal attunement, where three powerful ley lines pass through.  On our walk we will pass the area where the fresh and salt waters alchemically come together, symbolic of the merging of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine consciousness.  We will also spend time at Fountain des Amours, the Lovers' Fountain, where Nature Spirits are fully available.

'the magic mountain' is an energetic and geological phenomenon

On Thursday the mystical mountain of Pic de Bugarach will be our destination.  Geologists say Bugarach is a mountain built upside down. Thousands of years ago when the formations of the Pyrenees Mountains were arising out from the earth, one particular peak arose and was toppled over in this cataclysmic transition.  We will enter the Cave of Pic De Bugarach, an amazing place, where the water dripping from the roof and stalagmites is said to create a small pool of the highest vibration.  

Afterwards we will travel to Alet les Bains.  Alet means “The Chosen Place” and we arrive here to explore its esoteric mysteries on the Aude river.  This is a town with special energy and perhaps rooted in ancient Goddess worship.  The ruined cathedral is said to be built on the foundations of a Roman temple to Diana.  We will look for the Star of David, also known as the Solomon Seal, in the windows of the village church and in ancient Celtic stonework also found in the churchyard.  There is a house where it is said that Nostradamus lived in the 16th century and has a sacred river running through it.

on venus day you may roam the wild land of castillou or. . .

On Friday, a sacred day to Venus there will be an optional day of rest.  If you’d like to roam the wild land of Castillou Domain or rest by the poolside, you are free to do so.  For the city explorers we will continue on to the magnificent walled Cité of Carcassonne.  Carcassonne is a famous Cathar stronghold, named for the fierce Dame Carcas.  Here we will take a journey back to medieval times as we walk through winding cobblestone streets and castle ramparts, drinking in the history and Cathar legends.  In ancient times, it was a major commercial and ceremonial center for both the Druids and the Phoenicians.

We will also visit Limoux, an old market town known for producing what was before Champagne.  This town contains the Notre Dame de Marceille where one may dive into legends contained among the statues.  It is believed that the basilica stands on the location of an old Roman temple dedicated to Mars, however there are two wells that may indicate it was actually dedicated to the Great Goddess.  Here, we will find Mary Magdalene and a Black Madonna. 

we will enter the womb of mother earth as experienced by our prehistoric ancestors

On Saturday we begin by exploring the magical forest of Nebias in the foothills of the Pyrenees.  This is a fairy forest with many limestone rocks.  We will be on the lookout for a special labyrinth that one may consider Ariadne and her golden thread along the Roseline.  After lunch we will travel to the Grotte de Niaux, the Niaux Cave which is filled with extraordinary animal paintings dating back 100,000 years.  We will enter the womb of the Earth Mother herself as experienced by our prehistoric ancestors in the Ariege region, high up in the mountainside. 

Sunday we will depart the Domain of Castillou and travel east to Provence.  We will stop along the way to explore Narbonne or Nimes.  Cassis is an exquisite village that sits on the Mediterranean Sea in the Calanques National Park where our journey will culminate.

a mystical cave and healing waters invoke reflection and integration

On Monday we will travel to St Maximin la Ste. Baume where stories account this to be the place where Mary Magdalene ascended.  We will drink in the rich paintings and significant relics of Mary Magdalene.  Legend says her body was discovered here in an ancient crypt and her skull is enshrined.  Her skull is paraded through this town every year on her feast day, July 22nd.  

After lunch we will enter in the old forest La Sainte Baume where the ancient grotto of Mary Magdalene lies embedded in the side of the mountain.  Royals and nobles have traveled through the ages to visit this remote cliff sanctuary,  making the pilgrimage up the hill to the Grotte Sainte Baume.  In the spirit of closure and gratitude for our pilgrimage, our intention will be to feel the mystery of this special mountain.  This mountain is believed to be sacred to Isis and has been considered holy ground for thousands of years, with natural water renowned for curative powers.

Tuesday morning we will come together to enjoy a boat tour of the Mediterranean.  Our final afternoon will offer plenty of free time to integrate and explore the village of Cassis or hike the Calanques.  We will welcome the evening with a closing ceremony offering gratitude and prayers for all we have experienced on the Grail and the Goddess pilgrimage.  

Our Resting Places

sainte maries de la mer

We will spend our first few days acclimating to France in Sainte Maries de la Mer.  Our hotel is the luxurious Vila de la Mar.  Here we will relax deeply, allowing our nervous systems to settle after many hours of travel.  In your free time you may wander the streets of the village, swim in the sea or the pool or indulge in a steam or treatment at the spa.  Our rooms will be spacious shared doubles or triples.  We will come together for breakfast and dinner enjoying the variety of tastes this eclectic village has to offer.


luc sur aude

The bulk of our pilgrimage will be on the magical grounds of Castillou in the Aude region of Catharland.  This is a working farm with over 300 acres of organic olive trees and fields of herbs including lavender, rosemary and thyme that are distilled into essential oils.  Here, the rose is the symbol.  Castillou is a place with rich history that attracts guests including artists, spiritualists and brides to be.  Rooms will be shared with a variety of options.  When we are not off sightseeing, you may relax by the pool or explore the valley and forests of the land on foot.  Our dinners will be family style French cuisine prepared by Constance and her partner.  Anyone interested in learning the local cuisine is welcome to assist in meal preparation.  Massage therapy will be available for prebooking.   



Cassis is a gorgeous port town in the Calanques.  We are very lucky to have the opportunity to culminate our 13 day pilgrimage in this Mediterranean coastal town.  The terracotta walls of Hotel le Jardin d' Emile are nestled in the shade of ancient pines.  Here we will share comfortable double and triple rooms.  The port and the magnificent Calanques are literally footsteps away.  This will be an opportune time to synthesize all of your experiences from our pilgrimage in the vast beauty of the French Mediterranean.